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X-Tiger Cycling Glasses Polarized Sports Men's Cycling Sunglasses Mountain Bicycle Glasses MTB Protection Cycling Goggle Eyewear

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Cycling Glasses

Cool Lenses/Built-in Myopia Frame/Wind and Dustproof

Professional Instrument Surface

Real Anti-UV400

Single Frame Only 18g

the frame is light and comfortable,easy to carry

Replace and Install

Product Information

Diversified Application Scenarios

Suitable For Wearing In Various Occasions

Integrated Wide Vision

Wider field of view,bring more refreshing visual impact

Myopia Frame Buckle

Personalized myopia frame buckle design ,can be installed and removed at will.

High Toughness Shockproof PC Lens

Lightweight lenses are more flexible than ordinary lenses and have better impact resistance


Hardened Protective Film | Nano Anti-Oil Film | Double-Sided Anti-reflective Film

Replaceable Temples

Replace curved temples according to your personal preferences.

Facial Engineering Design Fit Without Pinching Your Face

Suitable For all Face Shapes

Super Wear Effect

Brand Logo

The lens gradually stabilizes the laser logo,and there are logos on

both sides of the temples,high quality is guaranteed.

Isolate Glare, True Colors

Polarized lenses can block reflected glare,improve visual comfort,and make the field of vision clearer

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