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UFO alien cow window decoration

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👽These alien creatures (aka "friends") are not only designed for outdoor gardens, terraces, swimming pools or home use. Everyone has been specially hand-made to reflect the realistic appearance of these animals that pierce the eye of the world's space.👽


The bright colors are composed of aliens, cows and spaceships, which complement each other and appear bright and colorful. Decorate your yard and house.



👽Made of acrylic material. With anti-fading treatment, sunscreen can be easily hung anywhere.



Product size: 15.0 cm * 23.0 cm * 1.0 cm


👽We know that if they spent thousands of years looking down at us humans and even learned one or two things, they would have a sense of humor. Therefore, everyone responds to us with a funny gesture, their insteps are relaxed, their lazy postures are relaxed, and they live a good life on earth. 👽


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