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Electric Rivet Gun 2.4mm-4.8mm rivet nut gun drill adapter Cordless riveting tool Insert Nut Pull Rivet Tool

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Product Description:

DIY Supplies: woodworking, stainless steel, pipes
Power Source: work with the electric drill
MAX RPM : 1000 RPM
Min Torque Strength: 15 N.m
Material: Carbon steel and plastic
Color: Blue, Black
Full length: Approx. 160mm


Method of operation:

1. Turn on the electric drill

2. Connect the electric drill

3. Install the auxiliary handle

4. It needs to be rotated counterclockwise to the end before inserting the rivet

5. Put in the correct rivets

6. Pull out the rivet clockwise

7. Exit the rivet counterclockwise

1. When using the rivet gun adapter, you need to hold the front handle to work normally.
2. Rivets above M5*20 / 3.2*20 / 2.4*20 cannot be used.
3. Stainless steel rivets cannot be used.
4. If you don't follow the procedure, the nail will be stuck or the nail cannot be pulled.
5. If the rivet cannot be removed, please unscrew the socket head and press it with a wrench to pull it out.
If you encounter any problem, please contact the customer service in time.

Product Package:

1 * Rivet Adapter

1 * Auxiliary handle

4 * Rivet heads

1 * Mini wrench


Rivet gun adapter

Easily change your electric drill into an electric rivet gun

Easily pull the rivets, no need to spend a lot of effort

Fast and convenient·saves time and effort· and is durable

Easy installation

The hexagonal screw can be used after it is connected to the drill.

Made of aluminum alloy, painted on the surface, rust-proof, durable


The guide can be replaced according to the size of the rivet

Easy and fast operation

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